Fast-Forwarding Nature

We accelerate nature’s evolution beyond what was imaginable before, dramatically shortening the path to healthier, more sustainable plant-centric food.

How to create more resilient and nutritious foods?
How to reduce food's environmental impact?
How to farm in an era of extreme climate uncertainty?
How to feed 10 billion mouths?

The Future of Our Food is at Stake.

Our food systems face unprecedented challenges - a growing population, climate crisis, and public health vulnerabilities, to name just a few.

We have reached a point where business-as-usual is no longer an option. To create more resilient and nutritious foods, we need disruptive solutions that transform our food systems and sustainably feed the global population.

We are here to change it

New food production technologies need new genetics

Our world needs new food production technologies that are protected from climate change and disastrous climate events, are closer to consumers in urban areas, and offer enhanced nutrients for better health.

We believe that plants and their bioactive compounds hold extraordinary potential for promoting human health, reducing harmful climate effects, and fighting chronic diseases. Yet, the evolution of plants via natural selection has its own pace…

Since time is not on our side, we have to accelerate the evolution of tomorrow's food.

Our Platform:
3 Synergistic Disciplines

We’ve developed a proprietary platform that takes an interdisciplinary approach combining three scientific disciplines: genome editing, computational protein and enzyme design, and plant metabolomics. Independently, these cutting-edge disciplines can achieve great results. When combined together in our synergistic approach, the possibilities are practically endless.

Our Approach

A Broad Portfolio of Transformative, Challenge-Driven Solutions

Plantae’s state-of-the-art labs have produced a broad portfolio of transformative plant-centric sustainable solutions with a clear focus on three key categories:

Vertical Farming
Nutritionally-Enhanced Plants
Cellular Agriculture

Active Partnership with World-Class Researchers

We’re fortunate enough to maintain active partnerships with some of the world’s leading researchers in various fields. Much of our cutting-edge research is performed at the highly regarded Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

As one of the world’s top-ranking research institutions, it has a track record for leveraging brilliant scientists to identify and solve the worsening nutrition and climate dilemmas.

In the news

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It's not too late for our planet.
Be part of the change.

We work together in a disruptive, interdisciplinary approach based on the convergence of all life sciences domains, unparalleled intellectual property, and game-changing technologies.We are always looking for brilliant minds to join our team.

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